This website is dedicated to images of the global Cold War. 

I am an assistant professor in the department of National Security Affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. In 2015, I received my PhD in International History from the University of Chicago. I am a historian of twentieth century China with a particular interest in national security, industrialization, and revolution. My current book project is tentatively titled “Securing Maoist China:  The Cold War, Late Development, and Everyday Life in the Third Front, 1964-1980.” It examines how the Chinese Communist Party industrialized inland regions in order to protect socialist China from American and Soviet threats. Other ongoing projects include the history of automobiles in twentieth century China, the social history of wartime suffering in modern China, and the hydraulic re-engineering of Hubei province in the twentieth century. This last project examines the Three Gorges Dam,  Danjiangkou Dam, Gezhouba Dam, and the South-North Water Transfer Project.

I also run the site Everyday Life in Maoist China